Sweet Revenge della Corona Ferrea

Campione Italiano di Bellezza, Campione Sociale SIC.

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Pedigree di Sweet Revenge della Corona Ferrea.
GenitoriNonniBisnonni Trisnonni
Johnny Be GoodBrilyn Misty Shadow At CarostarMirpet Matt BiancoBrilyn Supertramp
Emma Peel Of Mirpet
Brilyn Painted LadyJasand Young Winston
Lanteague Black Magic At Brilyn
Q Cathy De Gold ColliesPelido Kings CouncelBrilyn Supertramp
Pelido Hot Silk
Saheltra Silk StockingsBrilyn Supertramp
Gwendale Summer Breeze
Wassail Sheer Gold At GlenalanBrilyn Solid Gold At AaronwellDolen Double Brandy At BrilynBrilyn Supertramp
Spungold Of Dolen
Brilyn Musical MysteryBrilyn Supertramp
Beechmere Musical Joy At Brilyn
Emryks Sheer Elegance At WassailLanteague Golden HarvestBrilyn Supertramp
Lanteague Shady Lady
Emryks Lucinda LaceDolen Double Brandy At Brilyn
Emryks Love In The Mist

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