New Approach della Corona Ferrea

Campione Italiano di Bellezza

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Pedigree di New Approach della Corona Ferrea.

GenitoriNonniBisnonni Trisnonni
Ch. Lynmead Simply in My SoulCh. Amalie Deep In My SoulCh. Riding's Deep in My HeartTimeless Twilight's Fame or Fortune
Riding's Red Riding Hood
Ch. Amalie Sweet SurpriseMallicot Ace of Base
Ch. Amalie Sucha Surprise at Belrah
Ch. Lynmead Simply CharmingAmalie Mild AffairAmalie Mild And Bitter
Ch. Delbar Delightfully Amalie
Ch. Lynmead Love Charm at WoodwickAmalie Mild And Bitter
Lynmead Love Cookie
Ch. Ciapasuepurtaca della Corona FerreaCh. Johnny Be Good at BrilynCh. Brilyn Misty Shadow at CarostarCh. Mirpet Matt Bianco
Ch. Brilyn Painted Lady
Q'Cathy de Gold ColliesPelido Kings Councel
Saheltra Silk Stockings
Ch. Sun Always Shine on SalomèCh. Grizzly Bear of EverblueMyberns Master Raffles
Pelido Cover Girl
Wassail Sheer Gold at GlenalanBrilyn Solid Gold at Aaronwell
Ch. Emryks Sheer Elegance at Wassail

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